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  • TGA Approved???

    29 April at 11:10 from atlas

     Where are your dentures made?

    Probably totally unknown to most patients, more and more laboratory work is being sourced from Asian Laboratories located (in the most part) in China under the guise of Australian addressed companies. These companies are little more than freight forwarding offices to facilitate the passage of goods to and from countries such as China. The lax regulatory environment in China has recently seen such issues as melamine appearing in milk.
    The materials used for the construction of oral appliances within Australia, are required by law to be made using equipment and materials approved by the Therapeutic Goods Association of Australia. Imported medical devices due to current law interpretation are not subject to these regulations.For patients, this raises three questions.If my dentures are being made overseas are they safe? and If my dentures are being made overseas, are the cost savings being passed on to me? and If my dentures are being made overseas, have I been informed and have I given my approval?
    All oral appliances made and issued by Essential Denture Clinic are created by or under the direction of your clinician, using materials and equipment approved by the TGA. 


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